Young Adult and New Adult Blog World Tour: Trin Carl
by Shannon Leigh Rivera


Trin Carl is a YA Fiction writer working on her literary novella “Oh Brother”. She plans on releasing more novels in the future. Trin has a degree in English from Metropolitan State University and works as a substitute teacher in Minnesota.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by the Fantasy Fix, Trin. I hope you have had a wonderful holiday season full of family and friends and books! ‘Tis the season for extra reading, you know. Tell us, do you remember the first story you ever read? What kind of impact did it have on you?

The first story I ever read was “The Gingerbread Man.” (laughs to self) I remember the illustrations and the story so well. I remember how words had such great meaning at only seven years old.

I love to hear stories like that. My favorite place growing up was the library and the lifelong impact reading had on me cannot be understated. In fact, being an avid reader helped carve the footpath towards being an author. As a fellow writer, what would you say has been the hardest thing about writing your current book?

My current book has a so many great scenes and voice. Sometimes I wish I could delve so deep into each scene, but then it would be more like writing a series than a novel, which is not what I’m aiming towards.

It certainly takes a balance. I like to tell my writing students that it’s okay to write down every idea that comes to mind in the first draft because it’s the revision process that makes the story into a book. As for myself, I have been working on the drafting stage of Rebels and Ruin for over a month now. What about yourself? How long have you been working on your novel?

Since this is my first novel, it’s taken me quite a while to finish it (perhaps over a year). I really want to learn as much as I can before I publish it.

A year sounds like a lot to readers, but as a writer, a year isn’t a long period of time, especially if you consider that most authors do years of prep work. Speaking of writing prep, do you prefer to work off an outline or pre-worked plot or do you prefer to see where an idea takes you?

I like to see where ideas take me. I could write a paragraph and see something totally different come out of that paragraph, and then I just go with that train of thought vs. my original idea. I could write for pages alone on a new tangent idea that came to me.

In the writing world, there are many pantsers out there. My current novel has been the first story I have written using pre-planned and pre-plotted outlines. While it has made some aspects of writing easier, as far as knowing where the story is going, some days I feel uninspired when I go to write out the scene.

Since you are coming to the end of your novel writing, I assume that you are starting to think about publication. One of the things we talked a lot about in the Modern Publishing course in college was marketing and knowing your target audience. Many authors today do giveaways, whether on Facebook or Instagram. Do you think that giving books away free works and why?

I think that any way that a reader has contact with books is amazing whether that be free or otherwise. I feel that books should have limitless access so that readers can be more informed of ideas. I make a habit of donating every book I own after reading it, because I believe that if I wanted to pick it up again I could always get it at a library.

What an inspired idea. The world can always use more inspiration.

Thanks for stopping by the Fantasy Fix. We look forward to hearing more about your upcoming novel release in 2017 and wish you all the best as you look forward to publication.

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