YA/NA Blog World Tour: Melion Traverse

by Shannon Leigh Rivera

In the wild world of bloggers, there exists a fantastic group of YA/NA writers who are taking time over the next year to interview one another. Welcome to installment three in the YA/NA Blog World Tour! Today I am interviewing Melion Traverse. She is published author with short stories appearing in various fantasy magazines and blogs.

So Melion, most interviews begin with the typical “what makes you a writer question”. I’m going to skip that in favor of asking some more peculiar ones. Most of us are more than the sum of our writing talents. Are there any secret ones that you have, talents that is?

My ability to make mountains out of molehills is pretty impressive, but that’s hardly a secret. Does juggling count as a talent? If so, I can juggle. Otherwise, all my secret talents are secret for a reason.

 Fair enough. I’m known to keep secrets pretty well, so I can’t begrudge you that. What about something related to your writing? I know I like to write characters that go through difficulties. Are there any dangers that your characters have faced that you couldn’t handle yourself? Would you do what they do or would your response be different?

My poor characters. I’m constantly throwing my main characters into dangers I couldn’t handle. The great thing about my characters is they do what I don’t: they’re bold and face these dangers. I’m a coward who would leave these problems to people whom I consider more competent and capable (which would mean pretty much anybody but me). I wouldn’t live through three chapters of my own book.

Hold on. That sound in the background? That’s the Melion’s Spouse laughing. He’s got more faith in me than I do–he seems to be operating under the impression that in real life I’m overly aggressive and outspoken. Eh, he might be right. I’ve rashly decided to handle a few situations in my life head-on which would have been better left to trained professionals.

So the boring truth is that I’m not really sure about an answer. Certainly, my characters face some pants-wettingly terrifying villains and some gut-wrenching predicaments which I’m sure I’d never have the nerve to face down. On the other hand, sometimes I surprise myself.

Well, I suppose we must give the readers what they demand, shouldn’t we?! A great story is often one where the main character goes through hell and back. Speaking of hell, did you have a childhood nickname that stuck?

Thank God, no. Although even if I did, I wouldn’t tell it to the internet.  Then again, this could be the opportunity for me to concoct a cool nickname for myself, give it a false provenance and act as though it’s what I’ve always been called. I’ve always wanted a cool nickname.

 Wise. They say once it’s on the internet, it is there forever.  Perhaps then you would share with me a favorite motivational phrase?

At the risk of sounding like an opening to a college personal essay, my favorite quote is by William Jennings Bryan: “Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved.”

Actually, I think I did use that as an opening for a personal essay. Great, my life has become a cliche. But I’ll say in my defense that this particular quote is relevant to my life. Not because I have a personal sense of destiny (I’m many things, but hopefully not delusional), but because I don’t want to spend my life waiting for opportunities which may never come, and then look back on my life and regret not being more assertive in regards to my own existence. I keep that particular quote on a sticky note at my work desk.

Otherwise, motivational quotes usually don’t do anything for me. Demotivational quotes, however, are well worth a good laugh.

I hope you got an ‘A’ on that paper, at least! I know, in my own life my successes have been because of hard work and goal setting. I never accomplished anything while doing nothing. It seems pretty straightforward, but sometimes the simplest of truths is overlooked. While we are on the topic of choices and achievements, you have obviously chosen to be a writer, do you feel like it has been a good thing? Would you say it is a gift or a curse?

Well, I’d rather have a mutant power, or the ability to understand math. All things considered, I enjoy writing and I wouldn’t consider it a curse. Can aspects of it be frustrating? Sure, but any passion or interest will have its stretches of frustration. If writing came too easily to me, I don’t think I’d appreciate it as much, and my milestones wouldn’t provide the same sense of satisfaction.

There is no greater feeling than to see the fruits of your labor. Of course, we all have our own goals when it comes to writing. I hope that whatever yours are, you achieve them! Thanks for taking the time to share a little bit about yourself with Fantasy Fix fans. We look forward to having  you back soon!

-Shannon Leigh Rivera


Melion Traverse writes things. When not writing things, she still lives with one spouse, two dogs and an acceptable amount of chaos. She is occasionally found playing with swords, studying martial arts, and lifting weights. Other times, she hides with a book and an energy drink as she avoids the tumbleweeds of dog hair overwhelming her house. Melion’s short stories have appeared in, or are forthcoming in, Deep Magic, Fantasy Scroll Magazine, Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores, Scarlet Leaf Review, and T. Gene Davis’s Speculative Blog.

Check out her haphazard blog:



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