Next Stage: Graduation in Two Weeks!

I know I haven’t posted anything the last few weeks and I hope that you will all forgive me for that. I have been really focusing on my last two classes as I finish out my final courses before graduation. As of today, I have fifteen days until I have completed my Bachelor of Arts degree in Creative Writing and English at Southern New Hampshire University. After serving in the military for almost a decade and then spending the next seven years having kids, recovering, and just enjoying mom life, I finally decided to head back to school. Since 2013, I have been working on completing my degree. The light is right above me now, the long tunnel of hard work behind.

Yet, as I exit one tunnel I am headed straight into another one- Full-Time Writing! Starting in July, I will be adding a new aspect to my website. I will be doing weekly author interviews every Wednesday and book reviews on Saturdays. I will be continuing with my short story writing on the Friday Fantasy Fix, with new story releases every Friday. I have a lot of super exciting things in the works but that all takes planning and time, which I just haven’t had while going to school full time and working full time. Now that I will be done with school, I can concentrate on bringing you all the best that the Fantasy Fix has to offer.

Just some stories to look forward to in the coming months-

Plunder of Blood– a story of revenge in the airship fleet of the Northern Elven Empire as Lia takes on the human pirates raiding her homeland.

The Magic Wood– Keslie and Marc take a backpacking holiday in the Scottish woods only to find themselves transported to another world when they accidently stumble on a fairy circle. Will they find a way home before it’s too late, or will they stay trapped in the Magic Wood forever?

Wolfsbane– Kira is on the run from her past while the Dire Wolves of the Black Mountains are on the hunt. Traveling with a band of merchants, she finds herself up against deadly adversaries that will stop at nothing to see her life extinguished. Will she escape, or will she find the key to her future is in the paws of her hunters?

The Arena– Ya’Zi is the first elven fighter ever to grace the Arena in Liu’su City. But, the other human gangs that train fighters for the arena aren’t too happy about the Iron Dragons choice for a champion. Will Ya’Zi survive the plots of his enemies, or will he prove his prowess and silence the humans calling for his destruction?

Stay tuned for a Friday release on the Fantasy Fix this week. It is a double-feature as I will be ending the Jewel of Rajai and releasing part V of Forlorn. I have several writers lined up for June and July and I hope to bring you a more eclectic mix of writers from around the world. In addition, a few of the stories I will also be releasing over the summer, The Arena and Wolfsbane, will be novelettes featuring secondary characters from my upcoming novel series Of Rebels and Ruin.

Stay tuned for more news in the coming weeks. Thanks for being patient with me and Happy Monday!

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I am a full-time author of Urban Fantasy Fiction novels and Fiction short stories in all genres. I am also a full-time mother and teacher.

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  1. Congratulations on finishing college! That’s wonderful. Even more impressive considering everything you’ve been juggling during your school years. Enjoy walking across that stage for your diploma (metaphorically if you aren’t actually walking)–you’ve earned it!

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