Are you looking for a place to showcase your short story or flash fiction work? Maybe you want to your work to be exposed to a large and more diverse audience? Maybe you are just looking for a platform to share your unpublished stories with the world?

The Fantasy Fix is looking for collaboration authors. Whether you are an independently published writer or still looking to make your mark in the literary world, I am looking for unique, fresh, and fantastical pieces to feature on the Fantasy Fix!

How does it work? First, you pick a date that works for you and submit a story to be reviewed for publication. It will be read over and edited, if needs be. Then a week before the story will be published online (which is Friday at noon) I will post about the release on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. I create graphics for your story and link all work directly back to your own website, blog, and/or other social media sites. Your story goes live Friday at noon and you can share it with your friends, family, and other readers. Exposure is the hardest thing in the indie and self-published author world. I am trying to make it easier for others and myself.

Below is a list of guidelines

  • Story must be previously unpublished

  • Story can be 2500-10,000 words. If it is shorter it will  be published in one piece. If it is longer it will be divided into pieces (not longer than 2500 words).

  • The story will be published on my site and I ask that you DO NOT publish on your own site and/or blog. No one will come to the Fantasy Fix to read your new story if                          you post it on your own website. However, if you have a longer story, you can post the first half up on the Fantasy Fix collaboration site and then post the follow-up piece                on your own blog at another time if you wish to be a one-time contributor. I will link all work to the appropriate site. (We don’t want to leave readers hanging!) If you desire to be a regular collaboration writer then you can pick a longer story that will be shared on a collaboration week (which is every third week.)

  • All stories are due the week before publication (this gives me time to design appropriate social media graphics and to know what the story is about to hype it)

  • All authors must write a short bio and include links to websites, social media sites, and written works if you want them to be included with your story. I do not have time to hunt down this information. I don’t mind doing a lot of legwork to get readers connected to your story, however, I do not want to have to chase down information of where you want your work directed to.

  • Stories are your property, hosted by me. I do not claim ownership over said stories and if at anytime you want the removed from a collaboration section you just need to contact me via email.

  • Send your own photos. If you have a specific need for artwork or designs and you have the rights to said artwork or designs, you must email those items to me in order for me to utilize them. I will try my best to accommodate every request, however, I am not a professional graphic designer, just a hobbyist graphic designer. I am not getting paid, this is for fun, so please keep that in mind.

  • All collaboration dates are fixed. If you are unable to get your work to me in time please let me know as soon as possible.

  • Stories can be any sub-genre of Fantasy. Please try to keep PG-13 as some readers are YA. If you are going to have adult content, I need to be made aware of that fact ahead of time.

  • Keep a good attitude! I am happy to work with you as a writer myself. I am happy to support your work and give your stories air time. I will not tolerate rudeness nor unprofessionalism. Respect is a two-way street and in this tough game of publishing, we need to stick together not be divisive. This is not a forum for political, social, or religious debates. This is a place for fantasy stories. I do have the right to refuse to publish anything on my site that I deem inappropriate. I will notify you if I believe your story will not fit on the Fantasy Fix.

This is the collaboration schedule so far. If you are interested please pick a date and send me a message via my CONTACT page.

UPDATED 2016 Schedule

July 8th- FULL

July 29th- two slots open

August 19th- two slots open

September 9th- two slots open

September 30th- two slots open

October 21st- two slots open

November 11th- two slots open

December 2nd- two slots open

December 16th- two slots open

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I am a full-time author of Urban Fantasy Fiction novels and Fiction short stories in all genres. I am also a full-time mother and teacher. Connect with me!

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